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Sunset over Ocracoke Island, NC

Welcome to those who have found their way to my blog via my post in the Kind Kindred series at Kind Over Matter!  I am so glad you stopped by to visit.  There is so much wisdom and kindness in the sharing of the beautiful stories that Amanda has so lovingly collected and curated I am sure you will be touched by the space she has created in her little corner of the internet world.

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Silence as a spiritual practice is much more than being able to sit still without talking for thirty minutes or longer. Instead, silence is a quality of presence. The silence we search for is an overall state of being. It is not something we achieve with great effort, either, but something we uncover that is inside us. Somewhere at our core there is a reservoir of silence. . . . To return regularly to this depth, whether in cloistered silence or in line at the grocery, is called “a habit of silence.” It is not duration that is important, but the returning time after time to the source within us that, in time, shapes who we are.

Marv Hiles, in “The Way Through,” No. 37, Spring 2011
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